No-till Farmers Elizabeth and Paul Kaiser Keynote 2017 NOFA/Mass Winter Conference

Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm in Sebastapol, California, were the keynote speakers for the 30th annual NOFA/Mass Winter Conference – January 14, 2017. Their vegetable farm is not just sustainable – it’s also regenerative. It is a living experiment in no-till, ecologically beneficial, and highly profitable farm – producing 5-7 harvest per year. Since 2007 the Kaisers have been successfully demonstrating how to produce high volume, high quality vegetables in an inspiring no-till system. At Singing Frogs Farm, Paul and Elizabeth, along with their crew, have honed their skills and created a dedicated ecological farm, where they do not use sprays of any kind.

They came with a message – that agriculture has been one of the greatest contributors to climate change in human history, but it is also our best hope for mitigating climate change. The Kaiser’s assert that by adapting their practices to sequester more soil carbon, farmers can simultaneously improve the health of their crops, soil, and finances.



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