Ferrington Vineyard: Boonville, Mendocino County

Ferrington Vineyard is in Boonville and is run by Norman Kobler. The property is on the western side of Anderson Valley, has vineyards on the valley floor, sheep grazing on the property’s oak grassland hillsides, and Donnelly Creek running through its center with a wide,  healthy riparian corridor. Kobler has been participating in an ongoing field trial with Erica Lundquist of the Natural Resource Conservation Service, looking at cover crop types, no-tillage, conservation-tillage, and mulching. The study area consists of 12 rows, and 4 different treatments: 1) till, without seeding cover crop, 2) no-till, without seeding cover crop, 3) till, with plow down cover crop; and 4) no-till with annually reseeding cover crop. The properties being measured include: water infiltration, compaction, leaf water potential, organic matter content, cover crop biomass, and grape production. Norman Kobler has been working with Mendocino County Resource Conservation District and the Carbon Cycle Institute to compute a carbon budget for his vineyard, range land, and riparian areas. These efforts will result in Ferrington Vineyard having a completed Carbon Farm Plan. When the report is complete it will be made available. Please look at the Resource Library for more information on Carbon Farming, and Carbon Farm Planning.