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Bulk Density

Soils with low bulk density are generally more suitable for agriculture, since the high pore space has a greater potential to store water and allow roots to grow more readily.

Composting Winery Waste

The composting of winery waste is an alternative to the traditional disposal of residues, and also involves a commitment to reducing the production of waste products.

Cornell University: Climate Smart Farming

Nationwide there are efforts to build climate smart communities. While our North Coast Hub has been working to make this website into a robust, information sharing platform, we came across Cornell's effort. The model is very similar to what we are trying to achieve....

COMET Planner

Modeling tool for estimating green house gases and soil carbon in farm systems

Earth Day celebrated among Green Valley wines

Original article location can be found here.    KEVIN MCCALLUM THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | April 23, 2017 Often critiqued for their outsized impact on a changing environment, farmers are actually key to helping California achieve its aggressive conservation and...

Carbon Farming

LandSmart Template: Identify emissions/reductions of greenhouse gases and soil carbon.

Ferrington Vineyard

Ongoing field trial testing tilling regimes, and developing a carbon farm plan.


LandSmart Practices Fact Sheets

Factsheets on the greenhouse gas benefits of specific NRCS Conservation Practice Standards, and their applicability in vineyards.

Managing Cover Crops Profitably Manual

The book explores how and why cover crops work and provides a framework for building cover crops into any farming operation. The book covers broader topics such as – crop rotation, managing for pests and weeds, and conservation tillage; while also providing detailed management information for the most commonly used species.

NRCS Plant Materials Program Technical Publications

“The Plant Materials Program is an extensive listing of technical publications organized by topics such as Climate Change, Cover Crops and Soil Health, Drought Tolerance, Nutrient Management, and others.” Recommended by Cornell University

Napa vintners begin to take a page from cutting-edge UC Davis winery

Original article location can be found here.  DAVIS — On a recent afternoon at UC Davis, Dr. Roger Boulton stepped out of the day’s 90-degree heat and into the cool respite of the Jess J. Jackson Sustainable Winery building on the south end of campus. Once inside,...

Is soil the great new integrator?

From the drought-plagued Valle del Cauca in Colombia to the High Plains of West Texas, farmers are learning to work with the land instead of against it.

Mendocino County

Mendocino County is a world leader in certified organically-grown grapes.

Napa County

Napa Valley is known for its dedication to land stewardship and world-class wines.


Total Organic Carbon

Total organic carbon is a measure of the carbon contained within soil organic matter. Soil organic matter plays a key role in nutrient cycling and can help improve soil structure.

Vineyard Ramblings: Mendocino Winegrowers to host economic summit

Find the original article location here.  By Bernadette Byrne POSTED: 04/03/17, 11:16 PM PDT •“What You Need to Know to Drive Success in 2017 and Beyond” Thursday, May 11, at Ukiah Valley Conference Center MWI is bringing together some of the sharpest talents in the...

Soil Health Partnership to expand to 100 farm sites for 2017 March 7, 2017 Soil Health Partnership to expand to 100 farm sites for 2017 In large soil health data project, enrolled farmers serve as agents of change in agriculture (ST. LOUIS) March 7, 2017 – This year, 35 more...

Sonoma County

Sonoma County is committed to 100% of their vineyards being certified sustainable by 2019.

UC Davis World Food Center: Climate Smart Farming

"California farmers are working closely with UC Davis researchers on breeding drought-tolerant crops, reducing tillage and applying cover crops to encourage resilience and using agricultural land to recharge groundwater basins and restore aquifers. Emerging...