Napa RCD: Huichica Creek Sustainable Demonstration Vineyard  

Huichica Creek Sustainable Demonstration Vineyard is managed and owned by Napa County Resource Conservation District. Charles Schembre, NCRCD Vineyard Conservation Coordinator manages the  vineyard. The goals of the farm are to demonstrate conservation practices including practices to promote soil health, carbon farming, erosion control , water conservation, and irrigation scheduling . The vineyard includes multiple cover cropping systems, vegetated avenues, large compost applications, a small biochar experiment, hedgerows, and multistory cropping (with apple trees). RCD has actively and passively restored the riparian corridor that runs through the farm.  As one of the field trial and demonstration sites for the North Coast Soil Health Hub, RCD staff will conduct soil sampling to measure carbon content, perform a Soil Health Assessment, and continue implementing the property’s Carbon Farm Plan. The site will also serve as a location for public demonstration workshops and tours.

  • Size: 14 acres of vineyard blocks; 21 acres total
  • Certifications: Landsmart and Napa Green
  • Varietals: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
  • Sub-appellation: Los Carneros
  • Soils: Haire Loam, 2-9%; Cortina very gravelly loam, 0-5%
  • Riparian: 1,850 feet of creek and 4.2 acres of seasonal wetland

Carbon Farming Practices Being Implemented Include:

  • Compost application: 14 acres, 8-15 tons per acre (CPS 484)
  • Conversion of tillage to no tillage: 4 acres (CPS 329)
  • Mulch application: Orchard and Vineyard, 14 acres (CPS 484)
  • Wetland restoration: 4 acres – 15 trees and 50 wetland grasses (CPS 380/657)
  • Riparian Restoration: 2.75 acres (CPS 390)
  • Hedgerows: 0.15 acres (CPS 422)
  • Multistory cropping: Apple trees 0.75 acres (CPS 379)
  • Permanent Cover Crop Establishment:  4 acres (CPS 327)