University of California Cooperative Extension: Hopland Research and Extension Center Vineyard

The vineyard at Hopland Research Extension Center is managed by Glenn McGourty. McGourty has been experimenting with Mediterranean grape varietals, cover crop types, frost control using ice-nucleating bacteria, and various herbicides for under vine weed control. His vineyard has been under conservation tillage practices since 1998. As one of the demonstration sites for the North Coast Soil Health Hub, the site will receive soil sampling, a Soil Health Assessment, and a Carbon Farm Plan.


  • Size: 2 acres vineyard blocks; 5,300 acres total
  • Certifications:
  • Varietals: 19 European Mediterranean cultivars; 60 vines per cultivar
  • Sub-appellation: Sanel Valley AVA
  • Soils: Squawrock-Witherell complex, 15-50% slopes
  • Riparian: N/A