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Bring your voice into the discussion and join the effort to build

a farmer-to-farmer agricultural network for the North Coast.

Farmers are continually trying to increase farm resiliency, stay ahead of the regulatory curve, save money, and enhance marketability. This network is working together toward these goals through identifying the co-benefits of improved soil health in soils and agriculture specific to the North Coast.  Please join in to share, discuss, and question the specific needs, successes, and challenges in agriculture on the North Coast. The Hub is starting with the vineyard industry and will include other agricultural industries over time.

Contact us with questions or comments, and participate  in the community forum.

 Help Gather Information For Improving North Coast Viticulture

Take the Hub Vineyard Management Survey

THE SURVEY purpose is to capture the range of soil health practices currently in use and barriers to adoption. The survey results will help winegrowers enhance their soil resources, and their understanding of their soil management.



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NC Soil Health Hub Newsletter

The North Coast Soil Health Hub has done a lot in the past year, and is planning for more in 2018. The Hub is working together on workshops, carbon farm plans, soil health assessments, and farm field experiments that are demonstration sites for the public. If you have any questions please contact us, and enjoy the newsletter



Farm Demonstrations: These farms are demonstrating a variety of soil health practices through either short or long term experimentation.

Indian Springs Ranch

This site demonstration is examining the effects of tillage on soil health and carbon sequestration in vineyard soil.

Resource library: a growing collection of tools, articles, and information.

Cornell University: Climate Smart Farming

Nationwide there are efforts to build climate smart communities. While our North Coast Hub has been working to make this website into a robust, information sharing platform, we came across Cornell's effort. The model is very similar to what we are trying to achieve....

NRCS Plant Materials Program Technical Publications

“The Plant Materials Program is an extensive listing of technical publications organized by topics such as Climate Change, Cover Crops and Soil Health, Drought Tolerance, Nutrient Management, and others.” Recommended by Cornell University

Southwest Climate Hub Website

"The USDA Southwest Climate Hub, located at the Jornada Experimental Range ARS research unit, assists farmers, ranchers and forest landowners in coping with the impacts of climate variability. These impacts include extreme drought, wildfire, tree mortality, increased...

Network Partners

The network is a collaborative effort by farmers and their partners.